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Whatever your heating needs, we’re here to help. Whether your old boiler’s on its last legs or you need us to install a complete heating system in your newbuild property, James Clarke Plumbing and Heating Services Ltd are here to help you.

  • gas or oil boilers
  • solar water-heating systems
  • underfloor heating
  • pressurised hot water systems 

We can install and repair them all, as well as offering advice and solutions to plumbing problems and requirements of all sizes and situations, both domestic and commercial.

Our registered Heating Engineers have years of experience of installing, maintaining and repairing commercial and domestic installations to the very highest standards, meaning you can trust us with any project you’re planning.



Your heating system is one of the most important things in your home and James Clarke Plumbing and Heating Services are committed to getting it right for you from the very start. 

When called on to plan a new heating installation, we take into account your requirements, your budget and your lifestyle so we can design and install the best heating system for you and your home. 

When choosing a new boiler, it’s important to choose the most economical and fuel efficient solution for your heating and hot water needs - big or small boilers, “combi” boilers, gas or oil boilers or even solar heating solutions - all of these are things to think about when building your home, as are underfloor heating and pressurised hot water systems. Also, customers are increasingly aware of an environmentally friendly solutions. We can supply and fit all of these, to your exact specifications.

There’s so much choice available today that it can be difficult to know who to trust to give you unbiased and helpful advice. It’s important that you feel secure in the knowledge that you have been given the very best guidance for your needs, and at James Clarke Plumbing and Heating Services Ltd, we promise that our advice will always be objective and in your best interests.


It is recommended that you service your gas boiler annually to keep it operating safely and at peak efficiency. Regular servicing also ensures your warranty stays valid and keeps you safe. 

Having an oil fired boiler serviced regularly can keep it operating at its most efficient. This reduces fuel bills and saves money on costly call-out fees for unexpected breakdowns. OFTEC recommends that oil fired appliances and equipment are serviced at least once a year or as recommended by the manufacturer.

There are many reasons why the efficiency of an oil fired boiler could be reduced, for example: 

  • Excessive smoke and partially burnt fuel deposits can cause soot to form within the boiler's heat exchanger, restricting the amount of heat that can be transferred into the heating system water. The cleaner the heat exchanger, the more efficient the boiler will be. 
  • Oil nozzles regulate how much oil passes through the burner. The nozzles are consumable items that wear over time, affecting combustion and lowering boiler efficiency. If they are not replaced, they could cause “sooting up” of the heat exchanger due to too much fuel passing through the burner.

Manufacturers of unvented water heaters recommend that you have your boiler serviced once each year, and many home insurance policies require this. Note that failure to ensure that your hot water heater and pipework are inspected and maintained each year can result in them refusing any claims to cover damage if something happens. 

Annual maintenance will help to keep the water heater safe and in line with the requirements of the G3 building regulations relating to hot water systems. 

Remember that, depending on the use of the property, there could be a legal requirement for the system to be serviced, tested and certified on an ongoing basis. 

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